ABIS - Why We Vote (Georgia Runoff)

Dear ABIS Leaders,

We need your immediate help! Early voting for the Georgia runoff elections begins on Monday, November 28, 2022. Voters who registered by November 7 can vote in this runoff election. If you are in Georgia or know people in Georgia, you know how crucial this election is to our democratic rule.

To that end, our ABIS campaign, Why We Vote, is to have everyone show their support by tweeting, emailing, texting and posting on your Facebook (and other social media platforms) to encourage residents to show up and VOTE. This election, as many midterm elections this year, is crucial to the advancement of Blacks in general.

Please use the hashtag: #ABISWhyWeVote

Please tag ABIS: @weareABIS

You can direct your family and friends who are Georgia residents to check with their county registrar by clicking this link to your County Board of Registrar’s Office for election information specific to their county.

Remind them that we know how key it is to Vote for the candidate that sees you, hears you, and will represent you by introducing, supporting, and passing legislation that will ensure the community has access to resources and programs to help them thrive. Voting for the candidate who will protect everyone’s right to vote is also vital.

Let’s encourage Georgians to gently (or not so gently) nudge a family member, neighbor, or friend and get them to exercise their voice. As a collective community, we can accomplish so much.

Vote, Georgia, vote!



Yvette Harris, ABIS Public Relations
Ashlee Samuels, ABIS Social Media
Deborah Stroman, ABIS Research

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