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The Voice Of Racial Equity In Sports.

ABIS seeks equal rights and fair treatment of Black people by examining current institutional policies and practices in an effort to promote racial, social, and economic justice.

ABIS Keys to Victory

Economic Sustainability

  • Diversity and Inclusion Program Supplier

  • Diversity and Procurement Initiative

  • Financial Literacy Program
  • Education

  • Scholarship Program

  • Access to Return to School Program

  • Internships (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)

  • Curricular Initiative (Financial Literacy, Study Abroad, African American History, and Race & Sport courses)

  • Professional Development Program (Coaches and Staff)
  • Grassroots & Community Outreach

  • Empower and connect with Grassroots Leaders

  • Advocacy for Black Lives Matter

  • Social Justice Activism
  • Racial Equity Research

  • “State of Blacks in Sport” Report

  • Hiring and Retention policies and practices (Collegiate/Professional coaches and administration)

  • Institutional disparities and Student-Athlete outcomes (Enrollment and Graduation)

  • Racial Equity Salary Gap
  • Student Athlete

  • Career Building (Internships, Skills and Portfolio Development, and Resume)

  • Mentoring

  • Marketing (Branding and Networking)

  • Transition from Sports Program

  • Health and Safety Initiative

  • Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and Standardized Test Elimination Advocacy
  • Voting & Civic Engagement

  • When We All Vote Advocacy

  • Education, Registration, and
  • Get Involved with ABIS

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