Why Financial Coaching?

We believe that as students enter and participate in college sports, it is a critical moment to provide them with the information and skills they need to ensure their financial health during college and beyond. Student-athletes routinely must manage expenses throughout the year, like housing, meals, course materials, and other essentials. However, for many of them, this is the first time they have been asked to manage their own finances. As with any college student, they may not understand what is essential and what is just something that they would like to have. Regardless of if these athletes remain in sports or go on to pursue another career, this is a crucial time for them to create wise financial habits that will help them in the future.

With the advent of Name Image and Likeness, (NIL), it is equally important that our student-athletes learn about personal branding and how to leverage their brand into a financial opportunity.  The ABIS Financial Coaching program is designed  to inform, empower and educate our athletes about NIL and its wide sweeping implications. 

In the academic year 2022-2023, the ABIS Financial Coaching team plans to reach almost 300 Black collegiate athletes with this program. The team currently has 12 colleges and universities registered and seven of these schools are Historically Black Colleges and Universities.    Each of the financial coaching session is interactive, inclusive and informational and is based on the models for success.  

With the support of one of the most prominent institutions, JP Morgan Chase, ABIS was able to launch a pilot program in the Fall 2021.  Their significant commitment of almost half a million dollars for a two-year period, the ABIS Financial Coaching program reached over 60 Black student-athletes at Hofstra University and St. John’s University, in year one.  

Objectives & Topics​

Teach Black collegiate athletes’ best practices to money management, sustainability and wealth by COACHING them while they are undergrads.

Allow them to put their learnings into practice.

Empower Black collegiate athletes with a great understanding of responsible financial management and generate long-term wealth

A message from a student from the 2021 Program

ABIS College and University Cohorts

North Carolina A&T

Howard University

Norfolk State University

Delaware State University

Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania

Prairie View A&M University

University of California, Berkeley

Hofstra University

Yale University

Marist University

Saint John's University

Saint Francis University

Gary Charles

ABIS CEO and Founder

Tricia Messeroux​

ABIS Creative Marketing Officer
& Financial Coaching Director

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The ABIS Financial Coaching Program started with 2 schools (year 1) and has now progressed to 12 schools (year 2). Success is heavily due to our partners. We welcome you to join the team

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