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Fran Marie had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Gary Charles, Founder, and CEO of the Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS). ABIS’s official website helps us understand the importance of equal and fair practices. They even have a playlist of good sports executives on the right side of history. 

Gary Charles is a legend in the world of Grassroots basketball. Hailing from Roosevelt, Long Island, Charles founded a grassroots basketball program that has produced more than 20 NBA players. Gary Charles has helped direct the legendary ABCD Camp and started the Fab48 Tournament. 

Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS) Recognizes Notable Athletes and Executives During Champions & Legends Fundraising Weekend

ABIS Names Sonny Vaccaro as Keynote Speaker at Champions and Legends Award Show

Advancement of Blacks In Sports Announces 2023 Coaches Watchlist

ABIS Black Coaches Watchlist News Mentions

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