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Champions & Legends Weekend
Event Overview

May 26 – 29, 2022

Las Vegas, NV

ABIS Champions & Legends Weekend is a premier fundraising event supporting athletes on their journey through high school, college and beyond by providing scholarships, life skills training, and strategic guidance. We provide programs and services that eliminate structured, systemic barriers for Black student athletes and coaches.

In support of this initiative, ABIS hosted its inaugural Awards Show honoring Blacks in sports. This entertaining, educational, and inspirational weekend  recognized coaches, players, and historical sports figures in professional and collegiate sports. Athletic trailblazers will be in attendance to present awards named in their honor for their level of achievement and distinction. 


NBC Coverage

A message from 3 collegiate athletes who completed the ABIS Financial Coaching program

May 28, 2022

This video was presented at the ABIS Champions & Legends Weekend in Las Vegas, NV and was a big hit.



Highlights of the Awards Gala honoring Dr. J with the Lifetime Achievement Award

Highlights of the workshops and panel discussions.

May 28, 2022

Topics included:

– Victory Under Pressure

– Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

– Using Sports to create a legacy of financial wealth

– Financial wealth, bridging the generation al wealth gap

– Mental Health: The impact of social and emotional health on sports performance

– NIL   Name Image & Likeness


Chase Griffin, a member of the ABIS Financial Coaching team as a collegiate athlete advocate for financial wealth, sustainability and growth especially as it pertains to NIL.  Chase joined ABIS Financial Coaching team in. 2022.


The Name Image and Likeness awards, hosted by the NIL Summit, crowned its first-ever Male and Female Athletes of the Year. UCLA Football quarterback Chase Griffin became the first to win the men’s version of the award, with his advertisement campaigns alongside Degree, Shell, Discord and Boost Mobile being listed as major reasons for his victory.

Griffin rose above former Minessota wrestler Gable Stevenson, former LSU and UCLA forward Shareef O’Neal, Jackson State quarterback Shedeur Sanders, Norfolk State running back Rayquan Smith and former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young to win the award.

Griffin has been a large advocate for student-athletes since stepping foot on campus in 2019 and has been a vocal supporter of NIL causes on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms since that revenue stream opened up to student-athletes in July 2021.

Many of Griffin’s NIL deals have doubled as charity fundraisers or have helped boost awareness for social justice issues in Los Angeles and beyond. While exact figures on each of his deals are unavailable, the sheer number of national corporations Griffin has worked with in the past 12 months makes him one of the most active NIL participants in the nation.

2022/2023 College and University Co-Horts

ABIS: Advancement of Blacks In Sports


OUR MISSION is to connect and inspire people to boldly advocate for racial, social, and economic justice that results in measurable advancement for Blacks in sports.

Sports touch all communities, all age groups and income levels. Sports influence and affect millions of people.

  • 7.8 MILLION high school students participate in sports

  • NEARLY HALF A MILLION college athletes in the US

  • MORE THAN 98 MILLION PEOPLE watched the Super Bowl and 7.5 MILLION watched the NBA finals in 2020

  • Sports industry revenue was $75 BILLION in 2020